2 Levels of Professional Learning for UMath X

Level 100

The first workshop of the PLS is focused primarily on:

  • modelling and supporting efficient use of UMath X to help in content knowledge for and instruction by the teacher.
  • changing the mindset from … remembering “how” to understanding “why”

The specific goals of the workshop are for the participants to be able to understand and discuss the 6 grounding principles of NLSI:

  1. moving from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract,
  2. multiple representations of concepts,
  3. interactivity,
  4. learning from mistakes,
  5. pacing controlled by the learner and,
  6. using a wide variety of teaching strategies.

There are 3 Objectives of the Level 100 workshop - 3 hours

Objective 1:

  • Introduce Functionality of UMath X
  • Teachers Embrace and Learn the Math through UMath X.
  • Teachers are introduced to available resources

  • Level 200