Understanding Math 2008

Computer Assisted Interactive Learning for Grades 3-10

Neufeld Learning Systems Inc - Legacy Software: This includes software NLSI produced in the past, but no longer sells. This includes both supported (Understanding Math 2008) and unsupported versions (UMath PLUS and earlier) of Understanding Math. This page includes all available material regarding NLSI legacy software.

At A Glance

Since 1985, we have authored and developed mathematics software to be used as a learning tool to support and extend the current mathematics curricula. We believe that the Understanding of Mathematics should be based on student-centered investigations of math concepts beginning with concrete explanations. It is with this commitment that we began to develop Understanding Math programs in 1991.

  • Concepts are developed from the concrete to the abstract using a highly interactive interface and on-screen manipulatives.
  • Each concept is taught using a variety of approaches.
  • The Understanding Math programs have been designed to help students take advantage of their mistakes. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn. The program is designed to offer a series of progressive hints that encourage understanding.
  • All topics conclude with Practice Questions and a Topic Test. Questions in both sections are randomly generated.
  • Student Topic Test Results can be tracked to monitor student understanding.

Understanding Math 2008 Features

  • The programs are adaptable to many learning situations… individual, student centered and teacher centered
  • They are a flexible learning resource and can be used for remediation, general classroom use and home study
  • A very high level of interactivity engages and motivates the learners
  • The language is simple, clear and mathematically correct
  • A sensible style and approach makes the programs suitable for a wide age of learners
  • The programs are interactive and are written in such a manner that all learners, from “at risk” to “advanced”, have success Understanding

Algebra Program in Understanding Math 2008. Equations Program in Understanding Math 2008. Exponents Program in Understanding Math 2008. Fractions Program in Understanding Math 2008. Graphing Program in Understanding Math 2008. Measurement & Geometry Program in Understanding Math 2008. Percent Program in Understanding Math 2008. Probability Program in Understanding Math 2008. Whole Numbers & Integers Program in Understanding Math 2008.
Understanding Math 2008 System Requirements

  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 800 x 600 high color (32-bit)
  • Windows NT/2000, XP, Vista, 7, OSX (10.0-10.6)
Understanding Math 2008 Resources

The Understanding Math 2008 program is well supported by a variety of resources available for download on our web site at

Available resources include the following:

  • Correlation documents between the Understanding Numeration Classic program and State, Provincial and National standards and certain textbook series.
  • Support Sheets (PDF Format) are available for all Topics covered in the Understanding Numeration Classic program.
  • Strategies that support effective implementation of the software in a variety of instruction settings.

Other NLSI Legacy Software

Unsupported Previous Versions of Understanding Math Software

Unsupported Software: The software in this section is no longer officially supported by NLSI and NLSI make no guarantees regarding it's use or function. NLSI includes these links and materials for archival purpose.

Previous Understanding Math Versions More information/resources Coming Soon.

  • Understanding Math 2006 (8)
  • Understanding Math PLUS v2 (7.5)
  • Understanding Math PLUS (7)
  • Understanding Math v6.5
  • Understanding Math v6.0
  • Understanding Math v5.0
  • Understanding Math v4.0
  • Understanding Math v3.0
  • Understanding Math v2.0
  • Understanding Math v1.0