Understanding Math X

Computer Assisted Interactive Learning for Grades 3-10 (including Algebra 1)

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Mathematics For All

The UMath X program is grounded in a design that builds mathematical concepts from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract using a variety of representations. Research indicates that a diverse range of instructional models is critical to helping students develop deep conceptual understandings of mathematics.

All concepts within the program are scaffolded, sequentially developed, which enables teachers to differentiate their instruction based on the learning needs of their students.

The lesson formats give teachers the flexibility to implement the software in a variety of instructional settings — whole class lessons, small groups and computer labs- in conjunction with an assortment of resources (manipulates, textbooks, journals, etc.).

The programs are accessible to students in both the general and special education population and adaptable to any Response to Intervention (RTI) framework.

UMath X Features

A unified log-in and program presentation gives students, teachers and administrators a familiar feel to the program.

Efficient “One-Click” navigation enables students and teachers to reach instructional material efficiently.

Customizable assessments with an integrated search field make it easy to generate tests based on skills and keywords teachers want assessed.

Bookmarking allows teachers to create “entry” points for students in their classes as well as saved points to use for classroom instruction. Students can also create bookmarks to save their point in the program to return to on another session.

An Integrated search engine allows you to discover lessons based on keywords. From the results you can see Strand, Section and Lesson scaffolding.

Double-clicking on any text will enable Audio playback. This facilitates reading comprehension in addition to mathematical understanding.

Data Module

Teachers can track student progress and performance within UMath X.

Tests can be customized to address specific learning skills to help teachers customize student instruction. In addition, all test questions are randomly generated which provides for authentic assessment in either a computer lab or classroom setting. Therefore, tests can be used as either a pre-test to diagnose for gaps in understanding or a post-test to assess changes in understanding of specific mathematics concepts. Analyses of the results are possible since student performance is summarized based on the specific concepts and skills assessed.

The tracking of data is also ideal for parent-teacher conferences and assessing the effectiveness of specific instructional methods.

At a glance you can see results from UMath X tests, Custom tests specifically made by teachers as well as results to Common Core tests.

As a teacher you can easily drill down with high resolution directly to the question a student completed

Data Module displaying results for a 'Strand'. Data Module, viewing a 'Section' results page. Summary Sheet - displaying a student's test results. Reviewing a student's answer on a test question.

The UMath X program is well supported by a variety of resources available for download on our web site at

Available resources include the following:

  • Correlation documents between the UMath X program and State, Provincial and National standards and certain textbook series.
  • Support Sheets (PDF Format) are available for all Topics covered in the UMath X program.
  • Word Banks that correspond to all the concepts developed within the UMath X program.
  • 3 to 10 day lesson plans which implement Understanding Math for Differentiated Instruction and RTI.
  • Frameworks for Learning that implement Understanding Math in 3 part lessons.