Understanding Numeration Classic

Computer Assisted Interactive Learning for Kindergarten-3

At A Glance

Since 1985, we have authored and developed mathematics software to be used as a learning tool to support and extend the current mathematics curricula. We believe that the Understanding of Mathematics should be based on student-centered investigations of math concepts beginning with concrete explanations. It is with this commitment that we began to develop Understanding Math programs in 1991.

  • Concepts are developed from the concrete to the abstract using a highly interactive interface and on-screen manipulatives.
  • Each concept is taught using a variety of approaches.
  • The Understanding Numeration program has been designed to help students take advantage of their mistakes. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn. The program is designed to offer a series of progressive hints that encourage understanding.
  • All topics conclude with Skill Test. Questions are randomly generated.

Understanding Numeration Classic Features

Understanding Numeration Classic follows five concept selections as identified by NCTM which include: Counting, Operations, Comparing and Ordering, Place Value and Problem Solving. The program is broken down into skills which represent the specific curriculum expectations. These skills are further scaffolded into a Level/Lesson Selection. These levels A, B, C, D indicate the difficulty ranging from Kindergarten through Third Grade. The lessons are sequenced through the levels to build understanding in concepts.

  • The programs are adaptable to many learning situations… individual, student centered and teacher centered
  • They are a flexible learning resource and can be used for remediation, general classroom use and home study
  • A very high level of interactivity engages and motivates the learners
  • The language is simple, clear and mathematically correct
  • A sensible style and approach makes the programs suitable for a wide age of learners
  • The programs are interactive and are written in such a manner that all learners, from “at risk” to “advanced”, have success
  • Over 270 Lessons sequenced to build conceptual understanding from the concrete to the abstract
  • Tests based on Skills within Levels
  • Student Tracking
  • Available with English and Spanish text plus audio support

Understanding Numeration Classic System Requirements

  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 800 x 600 high color (32-bit)
  • Windows NT/2000, XP, Vista, 7, OSX (10.0-10.6)
Understanding Numeration Classic Resources

The Understanding Numeration Classic program is well supported by a variety of resources available for download on our web site at

Available resources include the following:

  • Correlation documents between the Understanding Numeration Classic program and State, Provincial and National standards and certain textbook series.
  • Support Sheets (PDF Format) are available for all Topics covered in the Understanding Numeration Classic program.
  • Strategies that support effective implementation of the software in a variety of instruction settings.